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October's Monthly Ladders

October’s monthly ladders come with all sorts of tricky surprises to serve as treats. The OMotM is Revelationmons, a format where a Pokemon’s move in the first slot dresses up to have the user’s primary typing and if the Pokemon has a secondary typing, the move in the second slot dresses up to have the user’s secondary typing. The OM Leader’s Choice is Tag Team Singles, a bring-4-pick-2 metagame where the Pokemon take turns trick-or-treating (or engaging in battle). OM Leadership hopes you all enjoy these formats.

Ruins of Alph has also made a couple of changes to its monthly ladders. The old and established Gen 5 Ubers tier is back in action as the Rotational Ladder, Gen 7 PU has been chosen as the Community Pick, and Gen 2 UUBL is a unique choice given by the Ruins of Alph staff! Enjoy!

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Pokémon Games Scarlet and Violet Hype Event and Ubers World Cup

In celebration of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet releasing soon, the Pokémon Games room is hosting a week-long event filled with fun games from October 5th to the 9th! Join our room to participate for a chance to win some cool prizes which include a custom avatar, Amazon gift cards, Discord Nitro, and more! More details and information can be found on the event page.

Sign ups for the second edition of Ubers World Cup are open! Sign up to fight for your country in several generations of the Ubers metagame!

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