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Re: Replays

Hi, all! We have an update on the replays situation for you to read here. In short, we can recover all replays of ladder and tournament battles, and are doing our best to work on restoring challenges from after the 2020 backup was made. This will take some time, so we appreciate your patience and apologize for the inconvenience.

mia on Dec 1, 2023 Permalink

Unofficial Metas Room & Ubers UU!

We now have a room for Unofficial Metagames! Come join in for discussions on UM tiers like 2v2, NFE, and the latest addition of Ubers UU, where lesser used Ubers Pokemon (and maybe even some lower tier threats) get to shine!

Additionally, Ubers UU is celebrating their addition to Unofficial Metagames with a kickoff tournament! Sign ups are now open!

ironwater on Nov 27, 2023 Permalink

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