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Mafia Voice Challenge

The Mafia room is hosting a Voice challenge! There will be three rounds of challenges, with the first one requiring you to finish Top 25 in a special leaderboard. Games for this leaderboard will be hosted every 3 hours, at 3, 6, 9 and 12 EDT. For more information, check the challenge document.

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Youtube Randpoke Tour & League of Legends Season 8 World Championship

The sign-ups for the 1st YouTube Randpoke Tour close on Sunday, October 7th. Every round, your team must consist of the 1 or 2 randomly selected Pokemon! Come sign up here if you would like to participate.

League of Legends' World Championship is starting on October 1st, come join us in moba for some quality banter and analysis as North America still fails to get past group stages!

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