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VGC European International Championships

The VGC European International Championships are happening from April 26-28 in Berlin, Germany! This is VGC's first major in-person tournament for 2019's Ultra Series, with thousands of dollars in prizes at stake! You can find more details here. Catch the action live on Twitch here.

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Game Corner Premier League & The Infinity Watch

GCPL IV has begun! To qualify, finish in the top 8 of any Game Corner leaderboard cycle from now until June 30th. Participants will then be auctioned into 8 teams and face off in a tournament of games until late August. The winners will receive custom avatars and more! Read more here.

Superhero Central is watching previous Marvel Cinematic Universe films to prepare for Avengers: Endgame! Every day at 10:30 PM GMT we are watching a new MCU film. The schedule can be found here.

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