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Smogon Tour 34

Smogon Tour 34 begins this weekend! Compete in live tours every Saturday and Sunday in the three most recent generations of OU, with three tours every week. Check the main Smogon Tour 34 post for details on dates and times.

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1v1 Classic, OURLT II, and Portuguese Premier League IV

The first signups for this year's edition of 1v1 Classic are live! Players will fight it out in multiple older generations of the 1v1 format, with the overall best players between all of the tiers earning the chance to compete in playoffs! A custom avatar is up for grabs to the playoffs winner, as well as 50 dollars to the winners of each individual cup!

The OverUsed room is hosting the second cycle of its main Live Tournament! Join our tri-weekly SS OU tournaments during our first 4-weeks period for a chance to reach playoffs and win a custom avatar! The tournaments take place on Wednesday 3pm, Saturday 10pm and Sunday 10am all GMT-4. More details and information can be found here.

Player Signups for PTPL IV, Portuguese room's biggest team tournament, are open! Sign in to get a chance to duke it out and prove your strenght as you compete for prizes, including a Team Custom Avatar!

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