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SS NatDex Draft League Signups

The Draft League subforum is launching its next tournament, SS National Dex (NatDex)! Battles will take place in pools followed by a single elimination bracket using the [Gen 8] NatDex Draft tier. Sign up here!

eva on May 14, 2024 Permalink

1v1 Ladder Tournament & MPL X Signups

Cycles for the eighth iteration of the 1v1 Ladder Tournament are now open! All of the qualifying players are to receive circuit points for the upcoming 1v1 Championships, so sign up to stake your claim to the title of the best 1v1 Ladder Player!

Signups for MPL X are open! Monotype's premier tournament is here! Sign up for the chance to be drafted and compete across generations from BW to SV and for a chance to win a custom avatar prize!

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