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XY RU, Baton Pass, Swagger results, Drivers, and Giveaways!

The moment that we've all been waiting for has finally arrived - XY RU (beta) finally meets Pokemon Showdown as its own new ladder format! You all are free to discuss the currently ever-changing tier on its official thread, or dive into discussions live in the RarelyUsed room! The room itself may have some interesting events coming up in the future, so it's highly recommended that you dig into the action if you're interested in the tier!

Our beloved administrator, Haunter, has brought to our attention what may be yet another potential issue in the Overused metagame - Baton Pass. If you believe that you can come up with a solution to solve the controversy in a way that will achieve a desirable metagame, now's your chance to voice your opinions!

Swagger has officially received its boot out of the Overused tier! You can read all about the voting phase on the voting thread.

Redew and Legitimate Username were promoted to Driver! Redew has been quite a notable figure with anything related to mentoring, as well as an extremely approachable guy who is very helpful towards many users. Legitimate Username is known for his impressive artwork, and is quite a dedicated chat contributor who goes across the chart with many fun topics. Congratulations to both of them!

For those who may have wondered about the various global announcements about giveaways of shiny Pokemon, well you're right indeed! Voice user Lopunny is giving out mass giveaways of shiny and IV-trained Pokemon throughout the server every once a month! They will consist of many casual giveaways, as well as specific Event Pokemon depending on their release dates! Be sure to stick around, and you'll certainly have your chance of getting one into your Pokemon X/Y game! For more information on the project, there is dedicated discussion that's occasionally held in the Pokemon In-Game room, as well as an archive of previous giveaways that's certainly worth checking out!

Detective Dell on Apr 12, 2014 Read more / comments

Interview with prem, TI promoted and scripted tournaments!

The second staff interview has been published - this time it's Scene interviewing prem. You can read all about it and vote for the next interview in the thread!

The Immortal was promoted to admin! Probably the most recognizable name in the lobby, TI's done an outstanding amount of work both behind the scenes programming and with regards to policy. Congratulations to him!

Scripted tournaments are live in the Tournaments room! These usher in a new era of tournament play on PS, with efficient, simple and fun gameplay at the heart of the change. While the system is still undergoing changes and improvements, it's highly recommended you pop in and take a look at a new way of competing on PS.

Scene on Mar 26, 2014 Read more / comments

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