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PSPL IV: Top 16 Playoffs

Another week, which of course means another round of PSPL IV! We've moved into the knockout phase of the tournament, so things are getting a little more interesting. With 16 rooms remaining, it's still anyone's to win. Cheer on your room! For rooms that didn't make it to playoffs, we take this opportunity to thank you guys for participating in what's been a fun event, and we hope you guys continue to spectate!

Dell on Jul 16, 2016 Permalink

MMO Room's Screenshot Contest and Maplestory Level Up Event

The MMO Room is hosting two different events with monetary prizes! A screenshot competition will be held for players to submit a screenshot of one their favorite MMOs entailing one of their most enjoyable experiences. There is also a Maplestory event being hosted, where new players who are just starting off can be offered help and will be able to be assisted in level ups in the game.

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