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Tournaments: Indigo Plateau

The Tournaments staff is pleased to announce a new subroom: Indigo Plateau! Indigo Plateau is a private tours room for people who have proven themselves either on the Smogon tournaments scene or on the ladder. Ladder requirements are 85 GXE in OU (80 GXE in other Smogon official tiers) and at least 50 battles. Also, anyone who has been on a team in the Smogon Premier League is allowed in. If you meet the requirements, PM a member of the Tournaments staff (% and up) to be added!

Dell on Jan 25, 2015

The Player: Issue #7

We've just launched the seventh issue of The Player! We have some major and interesting things happening inside, including Antemortem's new position as co-leader, an interview with Trickster, a new edition of the Gossiper, an intro of the MMO room, and a bunch more. Like always, we encourage you to vote for the next set of people to be interviewed and we're interested in hearing your input on how to improve our webzine project. Enjoy!

Dell on Jan 19, 2015

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