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MeTube? YouTube!

The YouTube room will be bringing back its Video of the Week events! Video of the Week is a competition in which you get to enter a video that you have uploaded in the past week and the room votes for their favorite. The winning video will be featured in the room intro for a whole week! If you're looking for an opportunity to give your channel some exposure, then make sure to enter.

The room is also creating a new attraction called the YouTube Wall, which is a page on the room's website that will feature all of your channels in a collage. It's still in development but the requirements will be released shortly, so make sure to keep an eye out for it!

Trickster on Oct 29, 2016 Permalink

OU Suspect: Sablenite

OverUsed is suspect testing Sablenite.

antemortem on Oct 27, 2016 Permalink

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