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PSPL II - Announcement

Do you want to represent your room in a fun community team tournament? Introducing Pokemon Showdown's Premier League II! In this event, teams of seven from each room compete against other rooms in a group stage -> knockout format, with each aiming to end up victorious. Check out the thread for full details, and look forward to Week 1 being posted over the coming days!

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Random Doubles Battle updated

The Random Doubles Battle format on PS has been improved significantly, thanks to the efforts of dedicated Smogon Doubles players. Pokémon will now have doubles-specific moves like Protect and Helping Hand. Try it out, whether you've experienced Doubles before or not!

Balanced Hackmons is now enforcing the EV limit of 510 and Team Preview. These changes correspond to the XY game mechanics.

The Challenges room is hosting a voice challenge! To earn voice in the room, you simply have to complete three full weeks of their voice challenges.

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