Staff FAQ

Who are the staff?

Staff are represented by the symbols next to their names and appear at the top of the userlist. They are the senior users of Pokémon Showdown and are responsible for the smooth daily running of the simulator. A full staff list can be found below.

What's the difference between room staff and global staff?

Room staff have permissions tied specifically to the room they were promoted in, whereas global staff have increased permissions across the server. Room staff can only perform moderation duties within their rooms, whereas global staff have the ability to globally lock or ban users and thus should be sought instead of room staff for PM or battle abuse. Global staff may also hold higher positions as room staff. Global staff can be identified by the "Global" indicator when clicking on their username.

What is the difference between the ranks?

Room Drivers (%) can warn users, mute users for 7 or 60 minutes, and set moderated chat up to +.

Room Moderators (@) can do all of the above, as well as promote users up to +, ban users from the room, create room FAQs, and alter moderated chat up to any rank.

Room Owners (#) can do all of the above, as well as promote users to Room Moderator, make unsigned declarations, and set the room introduction.

Section Leaders (ยง) oversee public chatrooms within their section. You can refer to the list of rooms to see who oversees each section.

Global Drivers (%) can warn users both in rooms and globally, mute users for 7 or 60 minutes, lock users from talking for 2 days or a week, forcibly rename users, clear users' statuses, check users' alternate accounts, check logs of past chat and moderation actions in all rooms.

Global Moderators (@) can do all of the above, as well as ban users from the server, do anything a Room Moderator can do, and check users' IP addresses.

Global Administrators (&) can: do all of the above, as well as promote users to any rank, force ties and wins in battle, make unsigned global declarations, create rooms, ban a range of IP addresses, reset passwords, and permanently lock / ban users.

How do I become a staff member?

You do not join the staff by asking for it; staff are appointed with internal nominations and without an application process.
If you are determined to be promoted, there are ways to display your aptitude:

How do I become a Voice?

In order to become a Driver you must first become a Voice. Being a Voice (+) marks you as a particularly good user, although it is not a staff rank. It grants you a position at the top of the userlist, the ability to talk in moderated chat, and shows that you are a respected and helpful chat member. While obeying the following will not guarantee you voice status, it's a good start and will certainly improve your image in the staff team's eyes:

(Originally by Birkal and michael; updated by Vacate and converted to Markdown for the PS! website by Annika)