October's Monthly Ladders

October’s monthly ladders come with all sorts of tricky surprises to serve as treats. The OMotM is Revelationmons, a format where a Pokemon’s move in the first slot dresses up to have the user’s primary typing and if the Pokemon has a secondary typing, the move in the second slot dresses up to have the user’s secondary typing. The OM Leader’s Choice is Tag Team Singles, a bring-4-pick-2 metagame where the Pokemon take turns trick-or-treating (or engaging in battle). OM Leadership hopes you all enjoy these formats.

Ruins of Alph has also made a couple of changes to its monthly ladders. The old and established Gen 5 Ubers tier is back in action as the Rotational Ladder, Gen 7 PU has been chosen as the Community Pick, and Gen 2 UUBL is a unique choice given by the Ruins of Alph staff! Enjoy!

Theia on Oct 4, 2022