Smogon Tour Season 25 & UU Suspect Test

The 25th Season of the Smogon Tour is starting on Friday, March 16th. Come join USM OU, ORAS OU and BW2 OU Live Tournaments every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 6, 4 and 2 PM EDT respectively for the next 9 weeks. The first weekend is all USM OU!

Also, UU is suspecting Mega Slowbro.

This tournament cycles between those 3 metagames, so the first weekend will be USM OU, the second ORAS OU, the third BW2 OU and so forth. You must sign up for each individual tour the day they happen and await for it's start on the Smogtours server and remember you can only join 2 tours per weekend.

The requirements to vote in the UU suspect test are a GXE of 80 as well as a minimum of 40 games played on the suspect ladder. This suspect test will run until March 18th.

EV on Mar 9, 2018