Little Cup Premier League XI and June's Monthly Ladders

Signups for the eleventh edition of Little Cup Premier League are open! Sign up to play multiple generations of the Little Cup metagame for your chance to win a custom avatar!

Gen 8’s last summer season kicks off with some old favorites from OM! Like Smogon tiers? Try out Tier Shift, our OM of the Month community choice! Maybe you want to try a flipped type chart instead, where Fire beats Water. If this is your case, OM’s Leader’s Choice has you covered with Inverse!

Want old gens instead? Luckily for you, RoA has provided three ladder choices to offer! Gen 7 UU and Gen 1 Ubers are their Rotational ladder picks of the month while ORAS ZU is their Community Choice ladder. These three are standard tiers that hold a different roster for you to use in each. These formats are up and waiting. Are you in?

Nol on Jun 10, 2022