Lobby Update, PSPL II and OLT

As you may have noticed, the Lobby has had a small update regarding staff. Similar to other rooms on the server, it now has its own roomauth. You should only contact global staff for issues outside of the Lobby as room staff members do not have global authority. A client update is planned to help distinguish between these two groups.

Week 3 of PSPL II has begun! This will be the final week of the group stage of the tournament. The announcement includes results from the previous week and current team standings. Check out the new match-ups and cheer on your favorite rooms as they compete to secure their spots in the next stage!

Smogon’s Official Ladder Tournament has entered its third cycle. If you are interested in competing, we recommend you read how to sign up and visit the OLT room for discussion of the tournament.

Sir Donovan on Sep 25, 2014