OMs, Doubles Challenge, Suspect Tests, and Tier Updates!

The Other Metagame of the Month for July is Mediocre-Mons! If you are not familiar with this metagame, read the official thread here. Another new OM is Pokemon Throwback, in which a popular OM will be applied to a past generation each month. Head over to our Other Metas room to discuss these formats and the many other metagames that we offer!

The Doubles room has a new event: the Ladder Tournament Challenge! To participate, simply create an alt that starts with the letters “LT” and battle on the Smogon Doubles ladder. Be sure to read the thread for full rules and instructions!

Several suspect tests are currently in progress! OU is testing Deoxys-Defense and Deoxys-Speed until Monday, July 7th. It’s not too late to participate! Achieve a COIL of 2700 on the OU (suspect test) ladder for a chance to vote. RU is having a test of Shuckle that is also ending Monday, July 7th. To be eligible for voting, players are required to achieve a COIL of 2400 on the RU (suspect test) ladder.

In other tiers, Staraptor’s retesting in UU has resulted in a ban to BL with Tornadus-Therian next in line for a retest, while Sigilyph was banned from NU!

Sir Donovan on Jul 3, 2014