Pokémon Charity, Tier Updates, Room Updates

The Speed Gamers community are doing a week long Pokemon charity marathon ending on June 27th, where they will attempt to collect every Pokemon throughout the series! They have already collected nickname donations from numerous participants, and you even have a chance to see your favorite Pokemon with a name of your choice here!

The voting phase for Baton Pass has ended. Players in OU are no longer allowed to have more than 3 Baton Pass users on their teams. After lengthy discussion, the Swagger ban was also extended to Ubers. In the lower tiers, Froslass has been banned from RU, Volcarona and Alakazite removed from UU, and Staraptor is currently up for suspect voting. Stick around here for updates on the results soon!

The Studio and The Happy Place rooms now have built-in plugins! In The Studio, users can now nominate an artist as the 'Artist of the Day', and the winning artist will be discussed in the room and have their music posted throughout the day. The Happy Place's plugin will provide a series of inspirational quotes to be set and shown to the room daily. Be sure to check them out!

Detective Dell on Jun 25, 2014