&Slayer95, New Driver, Staff Departures, Rooms and Events!

Slayer95 was promoted to Leader through his exceptional contributions related to programming on the server! On the other hand, Joim (Administrator) and TalkTakesTime (Moderator) have retired from the Pokémon Showdown staff. Joim has made a lifetime's worth of improvements and additions to the site throughout his time as a staff member and programmer, and was always an extremely approachable user who made the sim a more fun and enjoyable place for everyone. TalkTakesTime has made a lot of great additions to the server, namely the development of boTTT, implementing several commands and features for the server, and making the Tech & Code room a thing. We wish the two the best of luck in their future endeavors!

New rooms have been added to the server, while Pokemon In-Game has been rebranded to Meteor Falls. This rename provides an aesthetically appealing twist to the upcoming Pokémon games (Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire) while still allowing discussion of anything related to casual Pokémon and more! The new rooms include a Chess room for discussion of the widely popular board game itself, while Scandinavia is our newest language based on languages of the northern Germanic countries in Europe!

Meanwhile regarding current room events, the Sports Room is hosting a fantasy league for the upcoming FIFA World Cup. If you're interested in joining, register, head over to "My Leagues" and search for the "PS league". In other news, Doubles Room will be having a standardized schedule for scripted tournaments. For more information on the scheduling, visit here.

Finally, Kostitsyn-kun was promoted to Driver for being an exceptional contributor in rooms across the server, particularly Anime and Manga and Debates and Discussions. Congratulations!

Detective Dell on Jun 12, 2014