Japanese Room, March's Monthly Ladders, and SMPL

The Japanese room is public again, welcoming all Japanese speakers! 日本語チャットがpublicになって帰ってきました!様々な企画を予定しているので、日本語を話せる方は是非参加してください!

Don’t miss your opportunity to play March’s monthly ladders! Shared Power is the OM of the Month and Cross Evolution is the OM Leaders’ Choice! In addition, Gen 4 UU is RoA’s Rotational Ladder, Gen 7 LC is RoA’s Community Choice, and Gen 5 PU is RoA’s Staff Pick! These ladders will remain on Pokémon Showdown until April. Enjoy!

Sign up for SMPL to play your favorite Gen 7 tiers for a chance to win a custom avatar!

Nol on Mar 11, 2022