January's Monthly Ladders, OM Grand Slam VII, and NatDex Winter Seasonal

January 2022 is packed with all sorts of ladder changes! Pokébilities has been chosen as OM of the Month and Camomons has been chosen as OM Leader’s Choice, while GSC UU is RoA’s Rotational Ladder Choice, BW NU is RoA’s Community Choice, and BW LC is RoA’s Staff Pick of the month. These formats are now playable on Pokémon Showdown. Enjoy!

OM Grand Slam VII has started off with signups for the AAA and NFE Opens! Sign up to see how well you fare!

National Dex kicks off its 2022 tournament circuit with the Winter Seasonal! Participate to earn points for the National Dex circuit!

Nol on Jan 7, 2022