Pokemon Games Gym Leader Competition & Give-a-May Events

To celebrate the upcoming release of Part 1 of the Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pack, The Isle of Armor, the Pokemon Games room is hosting the Create-a-Gym Leader competition! Much like Klara and Avery in The Isle of Armor, participants will create their very own Pokemon Gym Leader, as well as a Gym for them to run! Up to 30 USD will be given away in Nintendo eShop gift cards as prizes!

But that's not all! The Pokemon Games room will also be hosting Give-a-May! Every day during the month of May, a rare Pokémon will be given out to one lucky user, courtesy of the Pokémon Games staff!

For more information on both of these sweet events, as well as discussion related to the Isle of Armor DLC, be sure to join the Pokemon Games room!

HoeenHero on May 1, 2020