Grand Slam XII - RU Open, Rands Slam III, and WCOP 2023 Qualifying Signups

Signups for the RarelyUsed Open, part of the twelfth Smogon Grand Slam, are available now! Players compete in the 6 different Opens to earn qualification points towards the Grand Slam Playoffs. See the Grand Slam Introduction thread for more information.

Player signups for qualifying teams in the World Cup of Pokemon 2023 are now open! The 17 qualifying teams will compete to enter the main stage of WCOP starting next week.

Part of the Rands Slam, Multi Factory Open is a bo3 single elimination tournament where players can showcase their skills in gen6, gen7, and gen8 Battle Factory and BSSF formats. Check out the OP for more info!
Multi Factory Open! Rands Slam III!

Theia on Apr 25, 2023