April's Monthly Ladders + Randbats Gameboy Classic Open

Meow Cup may be gone, but there's still two limited edition OMs to ladder. Pokébilities, the OM of the Month, lets Pokémon use all of their abilities at once, and Cross Evolution, this month's Leader's Choice lets Pokémon take the stat buffs, typing and abilities of a different Pokémon's evolution.

If you don't like OMs, that's cool too! BW UU is Ruins of Alph's Rotational Ladder, RBY Tradebacks OU is the community choice ladder, and ORAS RU is the RoA staff choice ladder. Enjoy!

The Random Battles individual circuit is back with Rands Slam III! Come compete in the Randbats Gameboy Classic Open and prove your skills in Gens 1-3 of Random Battle. Points earned in this tour will help you qualify for the Slam III playoffs, and the final prize: a custom avatar!

Bidoof ❤ Princess on Apr 3, 2023