January's Monthly Ladders

Hello reader! Happy New Year! Showdown has pieced together several limited edition formats for you to play on ladder this month. Firstly, Other Metas has provided VoltTurn Mayhem as the OM of the Month and Partners in Crime as OM Leader’s Choice. These are both Generation 9 OMs that really put your creativity to the test. Click on either of the metagame names to discover what they are.

If OMs aren’t your taste or you prefer older generations, Ruins of Alph has you covered! GSC UU was chosen as their Rotational Ladder, DPP ZU was chosen by the Ruins of Alph community, and ORAS LC has been picked by the Ruins of Alph staff. There’s no better time to try out something new than the new year’s season. Enjoy yourself!

Theia on Jan 3, 2023