November's Monthly Ladders

As Generation 8 draws to a close, the OM Leaders have decided to throw all of Sword and Shield to the players. Pure Hackmons is the final Leader Choice of the generation. This is a chaotic metagame that features the exclusive Eternatus-Eternamax and the devastating Neutralizing Gas; both aspects of the game that rival Gen 1 Mewtwo's dominance. An additional OM ladder will be chosen upon the release of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet so stay tuned!

If you’re looking to see what other generations have to offer instead, Ruins of Alph has made three more ladders featured for the month. Gen 6 Ubers was selected as the Rotational Ladder, Gen 3 Doubles OU has been chosen by the RoA community, and Gen 3 UU has been chosen by the RoA staff. Have fun!

Theia on Nov 8, 2022