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Why to use sprites
Great Mighty Sage wrote:7. Try to make your RMT presentable. It's easier to read and rate an RMT which has appealing sprites above each Pokemon than it is to read a wall of text.

I've seen so many RMTs without sprites. It's not terrible, but it a huge wall of text makes it boring to read. Also, most players are able to get a quick idea of the team just by seeing the six sprites. Compare the following two:
Poster 1 wrote:Cloyster

Poster 2 wrote:ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Did you notice it? Doesn't sprites make it easier to understand? And that is why you should use sprites on your RMT.

How to use sprites
Step 0 (optional): google "pokemon sprites" or something. It gives the link to Step 0.5.
Step 0.5 (optional): Save to your bookmarks.
Step 1: Click "Black/White: Pokemon Sprites (Animated)" or anything other that you want to use.
Step 2: Choose and click the pokemon. (Ctrl + F and writing the name works fine)
Step 3: Copy the URL of the new page (eg. ... 03/001.gif)
Step 4: Write your RMT. To add images, select "Img" on the editor. It then looks like this:
Code: Select all

Step 5: Paste the URL (see Step 3) between the two tags. It should then look like this:
Code: Select all

Step 6: Click "Preview" to see if the image looks good. It should look like this (on the preview):
If Step six was successful and you could see the image on the preview, everything worked out and you added a sprite.

How to add CAP sprites and shiny animated sprites (and more!)
Surely there are some of you who battle in CAP and want to have your team rated in RMT. Well, adding CAP sprites is not that simple, as the regular guide does not provide a link to such sprites. Also, the link provided above does not offer any sprites that are both shiny AND animated. This could be a problem. So, here's how to add those sprites.

Step 1: Go to This is the sprite index that contains all sprites that Pokemon Showdown! uses.
Step 2: If you are looking for a shiny sprite, CAP or not, click "bwani-shiny". (Or, if you prefer your sprite non-animated, just "bw-shiny") That section contains shiny animated sprites for all pokemons used in Pokemon Showdown! That includes CAPmons like Aurumoth.
Step 3: Click the name of the desired pokemon. This leads you to a page that looks like this.
Step 4: Do the same as you did with regular sprites (guide shown above), ie. copy the site's URL and paste it to [img] tags.
Step 5: Be sure to click "Preview" and make sure all sprites are alright and on their right places!

Tip! You can also have back sprites in your RMT! That index holds every sprite used in Showdown!, so if it exists in Showdown, you can find it's sprite from that index. Here's an example of shiny, animated back sprite... of a CAPmon:
Looks like this in coding:
Code: Select all

I hope you find this guide helpful! Keep posting those RMTs!
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